Traffick Refuge - Safety & Love, Hope and a Future!

What is Traffick Refuge?
Traffick refuge is a home environment where victims of child sex trafficking are given the safety and love needed to recover from their nightmares and the chance to dream of a future. Traffick Refuge is located in West Central Montana. Rescued victims receive an education, counseling, medical care, and life skills classes at no cost to them.
Contacting Traffick Refuge

Unfortunately at Traffick Refuge we cannot supply our address and phone number on our website due to the fact that it would alert traffickers to our location and increase the possibility of our rescued individuals being re-acquired.  This is a risk we cannot accept.  We would like to talk with you regarding Traffick Refuge and our mission and the possibility of you donating to this cause.  Please fill out the form to the right and we will be glad to discuss with you over the phone or even in person the Traffick Refuge Mission.  Donations and communications can be mailed to P.O. Box 342, Lincoln, MT 59639.


Traffick Refuge Founders
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