Traffick Refuge - Safety & Love, Hope and a Future!

Use of Funds / Donations
Funding needs: Immediate

RESCUE: Airline tickets for rescued girls to safety in Montana

LODGING: A safe and loving place where these young girls are protected from the people who have and would continue to hurt them.

FOOD: All victims of sex trafficking have poor health due to periods of starvation, drugs and infrequent fast food meals. With your help we provide well balanced nutritious meals and teach the girls how to cook good food. This quickly shows in overall improved health and energy.

CLOTHING: When a girl escapes from her captors she typically has only the clothes on her back. With your help we are able to take them shopping and help them to begin to respect themselves and have confidence with well fitting, appropriate clothing.

BEDDING: Girls who have had all freedom taken away get to pick out their own personal bedding and decorations for their beautiful dorm room.

MEDICAL: These girls have serious medical needs including STDs, beatings, broken bones, neglected dental, drug, alcohol, and tabacco addiction, eating disorders and Post Traumatic Stress.

TRANSPORTATION: This is one of our most important needs as our location is remote.
We typically drive 400 to 500 miles a week to school, counseling, doctor, dentist,
emergency room, shopping, field trips and church. 

CURRENT PLAN: 2008 Chevrolet 13 Passenger Van NEED: $12,500

SCHOOLING: All victims of child sex trafficking are behind in general education and the normal life skills learned by the average American child. They are kept in isolation and don't even know how to care for themselves or begin to start a new life. We help these children get their GEDs and offer classes in personal finance, cooking, sewing, animal husbandry, horse riding lessons, and the all important driving. We will try to meet the personal interests and goals of each girl in any way that encourages independance and growth.

PERSONAL NEEDS: Once a week the girls are taken to "town" to shop for personal needs with a small allowance earned by doing chores. 

ANIMAL THERAPY: Having a furry "friend" to talk to when you can't express yourself to anyone else is so important to the healing of these victims. Girls from the city often have seen very few animals and never had a pet. With your help we are able to introduce the girls to the wonderful world of animals and how they are an important part of our lives. Not only do we have the typical pets available to love, we own a chicken house where they can watch chicks grow and gather eggs for breakfast, we also offer horseback riding and visits to the farm. In the spring they see babies everywhere: fawns, lambs, foals, goats, calves, ducks. We even have an occasional bear or moose or elk in the yard.

FIELD TRIPS: Once a month we take the girls on a trip such as a county fair, lake, farm, carshow, 4th of July parade, in the spring Glacier National Park and in the fall, Yellowstone.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: As these survivors begin to heal they all
want to be heard and help other victims of this horrible crime. Our girls
have spoken at youth groups, trafficking symposiums and even testified
before the state legislature to help pass anti-trafficking laws. 
They have made a difference and so can you.