Traffick Refuge - Safety & Love, Hope and a Future!

The History of Traffick Refuge and its Founders
Rick and Pat are the founders of Traffick Refuge. They have a long history of helping those that have been less fortunate than them. Rick and Pat met while attending Oral Roberts University and soon thereafter started their lives together. Pat is a kind and caring woman with immense patience and compassion. Rick is a strong, but gentle man with a quiet confidence about himself accompanied with an incredible sense of humor that provides him with the ability to disarm the tensest of situations. Rick has personally benefited greatly from the kindness of others. Rick was adopted as a child by a loving and caring couple that surrounded him with a Christian and loving environment and his three adopted siblings. After raising three beautiful daughters, they were not through with using their exceptional parenting skills. Since their house became an empty nest, it has not been very empty. For years Rick and Pat welcomed countless hurting people into their home and provided comfort and refuge.  Meanwhile they became aware of the reality and the severity of Child / Sex Trafficking in the United States. Of course, Rick and Pat did not stand still. They have taken action and provided all of their personal resources to assist the victims of Child / Sex Trafficking. They have teamed up with the national organizations such as Traffic 911, New Day for Children and For the Sake of One and FREE INTERNATIONAL who all work with the National Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-78881-888-373-7888 FREE to provide a refuge for many of these victims that have been rescued from this horrid industry.  Rick and Pat have a never ending commitment to the rescue and rehabilitation of these youth and would appreciate any contribution that anyone can make.